Monday, April 12, 2010

Western Australia - Free transport for seniors a success

Seniors, aged and disability pensioners have taken almost seven million trips on public transport in the first year of a free transport scheme in Western Australia.

Seniors taking advantage of the State Government’s initiative and using public transport regularly could also be saving between $350 and $600 a year.

“As people get older it is important they maintain an active lifestyle. Seeing so many people are taking advantage of free public transport gives a strong indication many seniors and pensioners are doing just that,” Volunteering Minister Robyn McSweeney said.

“Free public transport for seniors also represents a social good, by which the state is repaying Western Australians who have paid their taxes and contributed so much to the State for so long.”

According to the State Government around 4.7 million free off-peak bus trips were taken in the past 12 months; with 2.3 million free off-peak train and ferry trips. GovernmentNews