Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Why we should say "Fight Racism" not "Black Lives Matter"

To achieve any progress for poor and working people anywhere, first we must be united. In the US the protests against racist police brutality have been given the name "Black Lives Matter." Sounds good at first. But, stop and think, what does that actually say. 

  • First it is a truism, like "water is wet." 
  • Second, it says nothing about why black people are being attacked, or what to do. 
  • Third, it is ambiguous and raises more questions, such as what about disabled lives? 
  • Fourth, it is divisive. It does not directly address oppressed in general. 
  • Fifth, what is it's impact on people for whom English is a second language? Do they immediately interpret it as a fight against racism? Do Vietnamese lives matter? Korean? Polish?
  • Sixth, it is weak and liberal and sounds like something in church, not the streets. 
  • Seventh, it can be used by racists to appeal to white oppressed and say: "see? no one cares about you."

The MSM has great power in shaping protest. They choose what's "popular" by what they feature. Let's not let them hijack the fight against racism.

Make your sign say "Fight Racism." It is unambiguous.