Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Why we should say "Fight Racism" not "Black Lives Matter"

To achieve any progress for poor and working people anywhere, first we must be united. In the US the protests against racist police brutality have been given the name "Black Lives Matter." Sounds good at first. But, stop and think, what does that actually say. 

  • First it is a truism, like "water is wet." 
  • Second, it says nothing about why black people are being attacked, or what to do. 
  • Third, it is ambiguous and raises more questions, such as what about disabled lives? 
  • Fourth, it is divisive. It does not directly address oppressed in general. 
  • Fifth, what is it's impact on people for whom English is a second language? Do they immediately interpret it as a fight against racism? Do Vietnamese lives matter? Korean? Polish?
  • Sixth, it is weak and liberal and sounds like something in church, not the streets. 
  • Seventh, it can be used by racists to appeal to white oppressed and say: "see? no one cares about you."

The MSM has great power in shaping protest. They choose what's "popular" by what they feature. Let's not let them hijack the fight against racism.

Make your sign say "Fight Racism." It is unambiguous.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Saturday, August 15, 2020

What happens when you build a system where cars are more important than people?

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Movement for a Peoples' Party

"Repair our aging and leaking drinking water pipes, meters and wastewater treatment plants. Expand bus lines, subway systems, high speed rail and other means of public transportation. Reduce public transit fares to broaden access and take more cars off the road. Create millions of living wage jobs modernizing the infrastructure that powers American life and commerce. Classify the internet as a public utility and bring the country online with universal high-speed community broadband that covers rural communities."
Movement for a Peoples' Party in the US calls for expanding bus lines and reducing public transit fares. This will not be enough to address the "unmentionable" problem: sprawl. However, as the movement grows, this could change. But if sprawl is not addressed, the party will fail.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

US bet on sprawl and lost

Friday, June 12, 2020

Join the fight against racism

For millennia, racism has been a strategy to keep people divided in the face of oppression. Today bankers and other financial crooks have used their corporate-controlled media to keep it alive and strong.

The key to their propaganda is to make people think that too many other people are racist or apathetic, and the task of winning them is too exhausting.

The recent rebellion in the US has exposed this lie. Most people are not racist. Most people see how it hurts everyone. Most people are sick of it. Most people want unity against oppression.

We must keep this going until this strategy of division is no longer usable.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Don't be naive about provocateurs

The purpose of provocateurs is to turn protest into riot. Then the corporate media can frighten people from joining the protest, and government can use violence.

How to spot:
  • First, be careful, they are usually uncover police
  • Dressed in black with strong boots, and good face covering
  • Taunting police from the front, throwing things from the back
  • No one seems to know who they are and they don't socialize
  • When in isolated area, they commit vandalism/graffiti
  • They are the ones to break the window and start looting, then leave quickly
If you can gather some people and catch one. Pull off their mask and take photos.

The narrative of the media and right-wing is that these provocateurs are just out-of-control left. Don't assume that to be true! Watch their behavior. Catch them.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Trump represents the actual ruling class

Trump is not an anomaly. The US rulers are out of options. Except for military, they have no more ways to rule.

They have:
  • created trillions of dollars out of nothing -- made the problem worse
  • trotted out liberals like Biden -- further enraging people
  • tried undercover provocateur attacks to scare people -- exposed on social media
  • brought military force against peaceful protest -- exposing their "democratic" facade
  • tried to squeeze more money and power out of their control of SWIFT and CHIPS money transfer
  • started trade wars to squeeze allies and rivals
The US sprawl system is decaying. Many trillions of dollars are needed just to keep it running. There is no money to fix it. The only course is to abolish consumer-product based economy (especially cars) and focus on basics.