Saturday, December 7, 2019

WARNING - Prepare for counter attack against #freepublictransit

Production of US oil has been burning through borrowed money. World-wide sagging economies are putting downward pressure on oil price. For banks, this is a very serious situation. Every drop of oil in the ground is leveraged out many times.

A mass conversion to fare-free urban public transport is a threat to oil creditors. They will surely mobilize their trolls and attack viciously.

In addition there are millions of people who depend on sprawl subsidy for their profits. Cement, natural gas, appliances, DIY stores, home construction, and many more depend on sprawl and growth. They will strike back hard to keep their subsidies and profits.

As soon as the Kansas City success euphoria cools, they will surely start attacking.

Heroic Kansas City Mayor risks career to help poor and working class people

Lawmakers in Kansas City, Missouri took a "visionary step" on Thursday by unanimously voting to make public transportation in the city free of charge, setting the stage for it to be the first major U.S. city to have free public transit.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Car dependency a crushing weight on the backs of poor people

In The Appeal: Political Report in April, Daniel Nichanian wrote about obstacles to mobility for people living in North Carolina. Driver’s licenses were revoked for 1.2 million people in the state for failing to pay court fees and fines, without any opportunity to demonstrate their inability to pay. The inability to legally drive, in a state with poor transit options, can have disastrous consequences for people’s access to employment and make the same fees and fines that led to their license suspension even more impossible to pay. 
Nichanian wrote: “Poor transportation, whether it stems from difficulties in acquiring a car or accessing transit, can harm the reentry of people who are involved in the criminal legal system, independently of whether they are eligible to have a driver’s license.” This also underscored “the pernicious nature of ideas like a New York proposal to ban people from using the subway for life if they have been convicted of certain offenses.” 

Oil desperate for customers as demand projections not being met

The Head of Oil Market Research at Rystad Energy, Bjørnar Tonhaugen, said, “We have a clear message to the OPEC+ countries: A ‘roll-over’ of the current production agreement is not enough to preserve a balanced market and ensure a stable oil price environment in 2020.
“The outlook will be bleak if OPEC+ fails to agree on additional cuts.”
According to Rystad Energy’s estimates, the global oil market will be fundamentally oversupplied to the tune of 0.8 million barrels per day in the first half of 2020.
“If OPEC and Russia don’t extend and deepen their cuts, we could see Brent Blend dip to the $40s next year for a shorter period,” Tonhaugen said.
“In order to ensure a balanced market, our research indicates that OPEC would need to reduce crude production to 28.9 million bpd – a drop of 0.8 million bpd from the level seen in the fourth quarter of 2019-levels – given our forecast for demand, non-OPEC supply and the impact of new IMO 2020 regulations on global crude runs,” Tonhaugen added.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Fight back against trolls and provocateurs - reframe and mute

The oil industry is desperate for customers, the massive oil-auto-sprawl system is collapsing. They pay trolls and provocateurs to stop efforts to implement fare-free public transit.

How to fight back.

First - reframe the debate. They want to restrict discussion to accounting, saying fare is revenue and needed for expense, or taxes have to go up. Instead let's talk about the costs of the current system and how free transit will reduce them more than lost fares. Here are places to get data on oil-auto-sprawl subsidy:

Second - use the mute button. Trolls want to sealion you. That means to drag you down into endless non-sequiturs. Provocateurs want you to run out and get arrested. Don't argue, give one reply if you want, then mute.

Concordia Newspaper makes the case for fare-free public transportation

On Tuesday, several climate groups held a protest to promote the elimination of transit fares, citing the need for radical action in the fight against climate change. 
Bold action and unprecedented public investment are necessary to limit catastrophic global warming, but the reasons this proposal makes sense go beyond climate considerations. 
As the organizers noted, free public transport would also have the effect of reducing income inequality, a major issue of our time. Not only this, but it would eliminate the need for problematic fare policing and promote more liveable cities by taking cars off the road.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Official world debt is $255 Trillion, falling oil demand a huge fear

Since 2005 there has not been a good price for oil. Any price is too high for consumers or too low for producers. Oil is NOT a commodity. It runs through every transaction in the economy. Without oil, there is no transport, without transport there is no economy.

All oil in the ground is borrowed against, and in many cases re-hyphothecated. Shale in the US is collapsing after running negative cash-flow for ten years. Why so much debt? Because the oil industry is more than rigs and tankers, it is roads, highways, suburbs, cul-de-sacs, DIY stores, ... in other words, sprawl. There is no quick way to get out of this commitment to hard assets.

Hard assets can not be allowed to run at a low percentage. They have to keep pumping and burning or else take huge losses.

Oil industry now is desperate for customers.

Hannover, Germany, 60% ridership increase in #freetransit test

According to initial findings, a good 60 percent more passengers would have used public transport than on another Saturday in the fall, according to Ustra's CEO Volkhardt KlOppner.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City