Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What can fare-free urban buses and trams do for you?

Even if you never use public transit and intend never to do, fare-free public transit can improve your life.

Here we have a list of the benefits.

Here we have a spreadsheet that shows how your town will save money.

Please take a look at these. And the next time you want to honk at the car in front of you, think. Maybe if public transit were free, that guy would not be there.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The power of the corporate media

The most underestimated power in the world is the US-based corporate media [CM], which includes TV, movies, and entertainment.

People get excited when their hopes are raised as CM exposes oppression and fraud. But they just do this to keep you engaged, hoping for more crumbs from them.

They decide who gets time in the spotlight, and how much. Ever notice how elections are so close all the time? They keep it that way so any one politician can't get too much power.

They are currently promoting anything to divide the American people. Small groups of right wingers and fake left get coverage out of proportion to their numbers.

Do we think the billionaire elites leave the CM to chance? Do we think they do not meet and plan?

They put Trump in, and when and if they choose, they will take him out.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Idea of #freetransit coming under attack

They were able to ignore it for a long time, but now freetransit is catching on and we are seeing more attacks.

First a list of failed attacks that have been mostly abandoned.

1. "nothing is free." this came from libertarians who should be marching against car subsidy.
2. "homeless will ride" this is too heartless for public consumption.
3. "homeless will ride" this is also code for non-whites. This racism is too obvious.
4. "people will stop walking/biking" asserted with no evidence. We have contrary data.

Latest attack:

"you can't get to work on time"
Free transit doesn't "solve" the problem of cars, it begins the solution. The argument admits that cars have a monopoly and the whole system is dependent on them. This means that a private profit system (cars, oil, sprawl builders) are subsidized, but the subsidy looks like "necessity." So the more you have cars, the more you have to have cars. How far do we want to go with this? 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Capitalism has reached the limits to growth

The economy is a self-organizing structure that operates under the laws of physics. Many people have thought that when the world economy reaches limits, the limits would be of the form of high prices and “running out” of oil. This represents an overly simple understanding of how the system works. What we should really expect, and in fact, what we are now beginning to see, is production cuts in finished goods made by the industrial system, such as cell phones and automobiles, because of affordability issues. Indirectly, these affordability issues lead to low commodity prices and low profitability for commodity producers.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Accumulated economic production and energy use are in direct proportion.

This suggests a "Power Theory of Value", that energy consumption and economic wealth are tied by a constant. Importantly, this is a falsifiable hypothesis. And, as shown above, it seems to be borne out by the data. Summing wealth over all the world’s nations, 7.1 Watts is required to maintain every one thousand inflation-adjusted 2005 dollars of historically accumulated economic production. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

How will economic growth end? By ignoring the laws of physics, we will suffer more.

As with any other natural system, civilization is composed of matter. Internal circulations are maintained by a dissipation of potential energy. Oil, coal, and other fuels “heat” civilization to raise the potential of its internal components. Dissipative frictional, resistive, radiative, and viscous forces return the potential of civilization to its initial state, ready for the next cycle of energy consumption.
Linking physical to economic quantities comes from a fixed relationship between rates of global energy consumption and historical accumulation of global economic wealth. When growth rates approach zero, civilization becomes fragile to externalities, such as natural disasters, and is at risk for accelerating collapse.

As it reaches limits, human activity will degrow. To the extent that we degrow voluntarily, we may be able to reduce the pain. In any case, physics will rule. We can fight it, but not overcome it. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Missoula, MT, #freetransit big success, more service planned

As you may recall, in January 2015, Missoula city and county governments joined forces with 13 other local businesses and organizations to invest in a three-year Zero-Fare demonstration project with the goals of removing barriers to riding public transit, helping buses operate more efficiently, and increasing Mountain Line ridership for the overall health of our community.
By all measures, the Zero-Fare project has been an incredible success, demonstrating how thoughtful public investments can be leveraged with private donations to achieve important community goals.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sudan protesters met with gunfire