100 Reasons

100 reasons to make public transit fare-free
(work in progress - tweet us your suggestions)
  1. reduced carbon emissions
  2. fewer energy wars link
  3. eases traffic congestion link
  4. more space link link
  5. fewer collisions
  6. lower police costs link
  7. lower fire dept costs
  8. lower medical costs link link link
  9. healthier people link
  10. reduce sprawl
  11. no more high-price crosswalks link
  12. no need for school buses
  13. no need for turnstiles, fare boxes link
  14. lower capital cost per rider link
  15. less noise
  16. safer for pedestrians  link
  17. fewer parking spaces needed link
  18. reduce road rage
  19. more fluid labor market
  20. less exhaust pollution link
  21. more efficiency for deliveries
  22. fewer uninsured cars on the road
  23. reduced buzzed driving link
  24. no exact-change worries link
  25. bus driver less distractions
  26. faster boarding/exiting
  27. no awkward turnstiles
  28. fewer pedestrian overpasses
  29. less bus-bunching
  30. revive town centers
  31. make more friends link
  32. easier for tourists
  33. better life for seniors link
  34. more foot traffic for local business
  35. fewer ugly car junk yards
  36. more people able not to own a car link
  37. less distracted driving 
  38. more frequent bus service
  39. larger constituency for public transit
  40. fewer funerals for young traffic victims
  41. more room for permaculture link
  42. more room for parks
  43. safer for bicycles  link
  44. fewer winter-time pile-ups  link
  45. less road repair needed  link
  46. fights against racism  link
  47. fairness in road use  link
  48. reduce wealth inequality link
  49. longer life link
  50. less tax money for free parking link
  51. cars kill, even when parked link
  52. less money needed for parking subsidy link
  53. fewer unnecessary deaths link
  54. less money loss on job turnover link
  55. fewer self-medicating depressive drivers link
  56. fewer oil-spill disasters link
  57. fewer piles of used tires to clean up link
  58. less money needed to mange drunk driving link
  59. less energy needed for decades of cleanups link
  60. less energy spent managing traffic link
  61. lower blood pressure, less diabetes link
  62. less damage to wildlife habitat link
  63. less money spent on road salt, salt damage link
  64. less particulate matter [PM] link link
  65. fewer municipal bankruptcies link
  66. less money needed for fossil-fuel subsidy link
  67. less money for school buses link
  68. more sleep for students link
  69. less fracking earthquakes link
  70. less need for dangerous pipelines link
  71. lower obesity rates link
  72. less particulate matter in your car link
  73. fight racism link
  74. reduce depression link
  75. no police beatings over fares link
  76. it can be done for 0.6 percent sales tax link
  77. less stress over energy prices link
  78. less loneliness link
  79. less plastic in the ocean link
  80. less money exported for gasoline link
  81. community recognition and pride link
  82. less depression link
  83. user-fees are regressive link
  84. less dementia link
  85. frictionless travel link
  86. more room for trees link
  87. easier to vote
  88. more money spent locally link
  89. more curb access for business link
  90. meet more interesting people link
  91. reduced domestic violence link
  92. no fare collection/enforcement link