Tuesday, December 15, 2009

West Dover, VT - 200,000 free rides per year

The Deerfield Valley Transit Association operates the MOOver, the best resort/community transit system in Vermont. Our trademark buses sport a Holstein motif, making the MOOver easy to "spot" and fun to ride! The MOOver is free, and this year will serve more than 200,000 riders. We provide year-round deviated fixed route and demand-response services. Deviations on the Wilmington-West Dover route are available up to ¼ of a mile upon request at least 24 hours in advance. moover.com

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Join the Campaign for Free Public Transport

While the politicians and lobbyists in Copenhagen, talked, stalled, faked, and rode in limos and private jets, the Campaign for Free Public Transport went directly to the people in Bury, England. Free Public Transport is a true solution to carbon emissions, and the campaign is supplying the main ingredients lacking in the climate talks, leadership and courage. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's obvious - free public transit helps downtown business

..."After five it's dead," he said, referring to downtown. "In a pizza business, you need the night crowd, too."
Another problem that faces the downtown businesses right now is a lack of available parking for customers. Vines said all the parallel parking spots in front of the stores get taken up by LabCorp employees, even though there are separate lots for them to park, because they are closer to the actual buildings.
...One plan that the BDC has been talking to Elon University about is the development of a new BioBus route that would run into downtown Burlington and serve as free public transportation. Keith Dimont, the supervisor of automotive services at Elon, said that the plan has been key for students doing community service, and that the Kernodle Center for Service Learning has been instrumental in developing the plan.

"I think it's going to be real successful, because it's a lot of volunteers that like having the free public transportation," he said. "Plus, it gives (the city) the opportunity to expand the downtown Burlington area."

Though the bus route will have a strong emphasis on service work, it will be a chance for students to make the trip to downtown Burlington, where business owners said they would welcome the business. "It seems like a lot of younger people don't venture down here," said Pratt, continuing to say that she and Vines have been in talks with other businesses to offer events that would draw Elon students. ThePendulum, Elon, NC

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

U.S. going wrong way faster and faster

There are two tracks the U.S. could pursue:

1. Fight for control of fossil-fuel sources and transport routes, maximize profit, and hope for a technological miracle to save the biosphere from overheating.

2. Cut back. Invest in public transit. End sprawl.

Unfortunately the first has been chosen. It will lead to the demise of the U.S. empire, but not in time to save the biosphere. Only an international mass movement can turn this ship around.