Saturday, December 12, 2009

Join the Campaign for Free Public Transport

While the politicians and lobbyists in Copenhagen, talked, stalled, faked, and rode in limos and private jets, the Campaign for Free Public Transport went directly to the people in Bury, England. Free Public Transport is a true solution to carbon emissions, and the campaign is supplying the main ingredients lacking in the climate talks, leadership and courage. 


Anonymous said...

I fully agree, if we really wish to reduce the emissions, ths is the only solution! Free public transit for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Actually I would say that the first thing that free public transport will affect it is in the fact that people will start to truly know and live their cities. This is the most important factor of changing. People will not pay to go to their jobs or schools! It's about saving money to spend in many other good things as they wish. It's not too much about polution, buses will also pollute, less? Sure! Awesome? Yeah, but it's far from what we really need.

Free Fare it's about urban mobility, it's about the right to the city. It's about income redistribuition. That's what real people will feel, you know what I mean? That is something that will be felt by every single person, that's something very concrete, you know? That's how we are going to get more people by our side!

You have all of my support. That's a beautiful campaign!