Thursday, October 2, 2008

Manchester, UK - Campaign for Free Public Transport

...Roy Wilkes of Respect opened the meeting by declaring that this is a campaign whose time has come. Climate change is a serious threat to the future of humanity and our response to it must include moving beyond the domination of the private automobile. In a recent survey, 72% of the population said they would only abandon their cars if public transport was free. The campaign was also needed in order to assert the principle that public transport should become a genuine public service rather than a source of private profit. Hasselt, a small town in Belgium, shows that zero fare transport is both possible and transformative. ... read more


Alex "Al Boy" Halligan said...

is this a result of the meetings?

i went to one last week and i am also campaigning.

visit the salford left site

nice one

Anonymous said...

Delighted to join your campaign. Not only is our car dependent world socially, economically and socially destructive, it also wastes an enormous amount of resources on contracts, consultations and "visions". The administration comes out of our taxes.
Free transport for pensioners is liberating but doesn't get promotion in the media.