Friday, October 3, 2008

Portland, OR - Another voice for free transit

City Commissioner Randy Leonard said he would support a tax in the Portland region to provide free public transportation for all, saying "I don't think it would cost homeowners much money." NakedEnergy

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Adron said...

Portland btw - is near bankruptcy in so many means. TriMet can barely afford what it has and is stretched thin.

Before dumping fares we need expanded service. They can't keep up with the demand WITH the fares. In addition many thousands of riders would cease to ride if it became free, because there would be no capacity left. Many people would probably outright move if taxes went up anymore also.

Portland already has a 9.5% income tax and a large real estate tax. They can't increase it much more or we're talking about even further depreciation of people purchasing power in the area.

Portland has also had several large corporations (their MAJOR high paying employers) threaten to leave if certain absurd things became law - such as universal health care of free public transport, because technically... isn't feasible without ruining the local economy.

AS for Randy Leanord, I doubt not that he said that, but he also has to realize that there really isn't enough money to collect in his area to even remotely pay for the full cost of the fares.