Monday, March 31, 2008

Take Action - Boston, MA

Tired of oil wars, traffic congestion, crumbling infrastructure? Want to do something about it? Join your local bus/transit rider or transit advocacy group. Here is an example in the area of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

(1) The affordability crisis facing many Massachusetts' households is severe. Using transit is one of the best ways to control soaring transportation costs: an analysis by the Center for Transit-Oriented Development and Center for Neighborhood Technology, looking at nationwide data on households of two persons or more, found that transit-using households lower their annual transportation costs by more than $3,000 compared to those that own one or two vehicles, do not use transit regularly and spend 16–19 percent of their annual income just on transportation.

(2) When the affordability crisis is redefined to look at combined housing and transportation costs, rather than just the cost of housing, it becomes clear that affordable access to both housing and transit is not just the problem of a limited socioeconomic group–affordableaccess to both is everyone's concern.