Monday, April 6, 2009

Poland Workers: Make Public Transport Free !

1. We limit the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (about 45 percent of those emissions come from cars), in effect, reduces the number of illnesses from cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases, whose level rose rapidly with the expansion of the car. It should also be taken into account the pollution emitted by refineries and car factories.
2. Eliminates congestion and reduces the noise, which improves the quality of life.
3. We limit the release of toxic chemicals into rivers and seas.
4. The overall consumption of crude oil, gasoline and diesel fuel, and thus save on imported oil. The risk of global warming should dispel remaining doubts.
5. In connection with the resignation of the ticket printing saves paper and collection device maintenance.
6. Breaking down barriers for people with less financial well-off, to prevent the isolation of many communities.
7. Reduce inequalities between the road infrastructure, subsidies for individual users and for users of public transport.
8. Reduce the need for new road infrastructure.
9. Expanding the tourist attraction of our region. Our contribution to the development of the local economy because more money is on the spot.
10. Saves on the cost of driving on the criminalization gapÄ™ not paid investigators, bailiffs and the courts for their services.
11. Roads are become safer, and thereby reduce spending on emergency services and treatment of victims (the vast majority of accidents are linked to automobile traffic).
12. Simplify the accounting firm transportation saves on tape.
13. We create new jobs in the production and use trams, buses, trains.

Workers' Initiative