Monday, September 28, 2009

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day marks an unfortunate milestone: the day when humanity begins living beyond its ecological means. Beyond that day, we move into the ecological equivalent of deficit spending, utilizing resources at a rate faster than what the planet can regenerate in a calendar year. GlobaFootprintNetwork
The human race is using up the resources necessary for its own survival. This is bad enough. But worse, most of that use is just waste. So-- wouldn't it be nice if there were a low-tech, immediately available, practical, politically palatable way to reduce waste? It just so happens that there is. Take the fares off urban public transportation. This will gradually eliminate the private auto and at the same time make efficient urban living more pleasant. You should join us and become a free public transport advocate.

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Sue | Vehicle Financing said...

This would make a lot of sense don't you think? It would bring down the amount of cars on our roads and yes these are what make up the fumes that goes into our air creating problems with our ozone, but then we will get people that will try and defend the auto manufacturers because with them not producing cars people will loose jobs its a vicious circle any which way you look at it.