Monday, November 30, 2009

EU - Let us shift from expensive cars to free public bus or train

The advantages of free public transit are enormous and extremely beneficial for all citizens of the European Union:
  • Drastic decrease in emission of exhaust gases
  • Less noise
  • Less traffic jams
  • Better traffic safety
  • Enormous savings in energy and raw materials
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Ascent of efficient economical development
  • Considerably lower public and personal expenses
  • Empowering of social justice
  • Higher cultural dialogue
  • Creation of friendlier urban environment
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Bob Davis said...

The idea of free public transit might work in Europe, where the cities are more transit-oriented, but in the US, the cost of using transit is not in the farebox, but in the wristwatch. The majority of Americans are in too big a hurry to wait for a bus, and will only take a train when traffic congestion is so onerous that the train saves time and aggravation. Regarding "social justice", I'll believe this angle when well-dressed executives and celebrities ride transit and leave their limos in the garage.

Sue | Vehicle Financing said...

I have just come across this site and this would be my first comment. I would have to agree with Bob Davis and what he had to say with regards to the topic, this system works in Europe due to the fact that it has always been there and they really have a good use of it, but in other countries where no one is used to using this kind of transport one would not just fall into using it, as they have their own transport and rely on themselves. At the moment here in South Africa they are trying to introduce a new transport system, once it is completed I know that a lot of people will benefit from it, but for my it will be useless as I require the use of my car for my job.
Great article thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more here.

fpteditors said...

Bob, the injustice is not in the fare, but in requiring car ownership to get to work. When fare-free, public transit will gradually grow, providing an alternative the the burden of owning a car.