Saturday, January 2, 2010

The most clever climate cover up - misdirection

...Could it be that the enthusiastic fight of infectious diseases is a way of tacitly supporting the industries that enhance global warming? I want to believe there is no conscious decision. But again this year Exxon had the greatest profit year ever - $45 Billion. Exxon and two other oil companies make up over $1 billion in the foundation trust investments.... theboywhodeniedwolf
A few years ago Greenpeace outlined this trick when they exposed "Africa Fighting Malaria" an ngo funded in part by Exxon:
AFM promotes short term solutions to the malaria problem, and criticizes expenditures on mitigating climate change as having benefits too far in the future to be useful. They advocate spending money on quick-fixes for problems which could be solved in the future by successfully combatting things like climate change....