Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kentucky - 9th District candidate for free transit

Miller advocates TARC having a large, broad-based ridership. Instead of reducing service and contemplating rate increases, he supports increasing service and lowering the fare (can you say “FREE”?) to make our mass transit serve our citizens, our ecology and our business needs, rather than trying to squeeze the last out of this vital public service on the backs of those that need it most. “Who wouldn’t take advantage of a free or nearly free bus service, keeping traffic down, lessening road repair needs, reducing pollution, lowering traffic management costs and making untold other contributions to our quality of life?” he continued. ”Have you seen the crowds on FAT Friday or the Museum Hop? Can you imagine full busses of customers being delivered every day to our local businesses all over the metro area?”

He believes we need to subsidize TARC to at least the same level, and hopefully much higher, that we already subsidize private auto and truck transportation, and we will all reap the dividends for years. WFPL