Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amy Huang makes the case for free public transportation

Promoting public transport encourage more people to use public transport and leave their cars at home, and not only does it have benefits for the environment and the flow of traffic, it also have sociological benefits.

With all these new debates and regulations about reducing green house gases in order to save our planet, there is one obvious move that no one seem to want to raise - free public transportation.

Public transport had been criticise for being unreliable, expensive and inefficient and the public simply does not want to sacrifice their privilege and comfort of driving their own car than sharing a crowded bus. The exercise of trying to ask car owners to drive less will never succeed if this continues.

By providing free public transport - it will give more incentive for everyone to start taking public transport. Car owners can finally justify it is indeed cheaper to catch public transport, and in term will result in less cars on the road, not only reducing green house gases but also ease congestion and road rage.

The problem with today's society and government, is that no one is willing to invest into public transport. Governments spend ridiculously amount of money each year in military budget and neglect there are more important things that need to be taken care of within its nation. If they would be willing to invest a little into public transport and making them free, there will be justification for its people to pay a little bit more tax and perhaps even willing to make donations towards running the public transports.

Catching public transport will also increase the social interaction between everyone. Driving is such a lonely task that isolates drivers from their surroundings. Catching public transport means more exposure to our surroundings and its people, perhaps even know more neighbours and fellow workers, and by more human interaction, we all become friendlier and bringing the communities together.

The long term effects of free public transport will mean more people will use it, less cars on the road, less green house gases released into the atmosphere, creates a more social-able environment and overall just a good initiative to take. Amy Huang on Helium