Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free transit idea getting popular in Canada

Lorenzo Mele, a resource conservation specialist and social marketing practitioner, has been designing and managing environmental programs and services for 20 years.

Your City, My City: "Free roads? Why not free transit?

A recent Star editorial concerning road pricing generated the predictable response from the anti-toll crowd: we paid for the roads so we have a right to use them at no cost.

What if we all agreed that road use be free of charge, with one concession: public transit become free of charge as well? Consider this: we already pay close to 50 per cent of transit operating costs through taxes, why not go all the way and pay the full cost – it could be the cheapest way to give everyone equal access to transportation, and for those lucky enough to already own a private automobile it would be the most affordable second car they could ever buy."