Monday, December 13, 2010

Oil companies, feeling the heat of transit demand -- direct their trolls to cut service

The one thing that scares the oil and auto companies more than anything is local public transit ridership. They are terrified that ridership will increase, which will lead to demands for more and better service. This could eventually reach a tipping point at which local public transit would be a viable option and the subsidies for the auto system would be exposed to the light of day and be shown to be the albatross on the back of the economy that they are. Through the ballot box and opinion polls, the people have consistently asserted their desire for more transport options, even to the point of higher taxes to get them.

There is a quiet war going on as the oil-company-funded trolls redirect funds, dissemble, and obfuscate on the local and national level to derail local public transit by any means necessary. They are proposing every thing possible to maintain the critical mass of the private auto as the only viable public transport system.

Public transit advocates: we need to bring the truth out into the open. We need to be bold. Here is a message from our colleague in Utah:

Dear Editor

  Voters Voted for a Improvement in the Transit System and Help Out Our Environment.

   Voters did not Vote for Bus Routes being Cut every Change Day to Increase Vehicles on the Road and Unemployment going up do to Individuals losing their Transportation to Work

  Voters did not Vote for the Disable and the Elderly losing their Independent.

  Voters did not Vote for not having Good Bus System Increase in Poverty and Crime in Neighborhoods.

   People are Shopping Online because Traffic Grid Lock. This Increases the Unemployment and Reduces the Sale Tax.

   A Good Bus System Helps Out Job Growth and the Economy.

   Tammi Diaz

South Salt Lake City, Utah

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