Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Western powers forced to clean up their mess in Libya

Western developed countries have bet their future on systems that waste energy. This is mainly characterized by autosprawl, a conduit to transfer value from fossil-fuels to the profit margins of just one segment of the economy. The rest of the economy must subsidize the externalized costs such as traffic congestion,  massive paving projects, collisions--broken cars and people, etc. Meanwhile, investment in social capital such as education, and sensible infrastructure such as public transit has been neglected.

Over the last seven decades, to maintain access to fossil-fuel sources, the West has invested heavily in supporting ruthless governments. Some of those governments have been egregiously brutal and the blowback is so strong that it threatens the political balance and access to fossil-fuel.

The western developed nations must clean up their mess to "maintain credibility" in the words of the U.S. Secretary of State.