Sunday, August 21, 2011

US/UK/EU fear that democracy might bloom as they dump their oil-puppet in the garden

The brave people of Libya are about to depose a big-power oil-puppet. The US/UK/EU will have the upper hand in "guiding" the new government, having invested millions in the clean-up of their own mess. They will talk a lot about the danger of "anarchy." (democracy and independence). The western governments are controlled by fossil-fuels and have put all their eggs in that basket. An independent Libya will control its oil. Loss of access to even this small amount of oil could tip the balance and throw the US economy into a death spiral, further weakening the western alliance.
Large Anti-Gaddafi Protests Erupt in Tripoli - TIME: (TRIPOLI, Libya) — Anti-regime protests erupted Sunday in several Tripoli neighborhoods where thousands braved the bullets of snipers perched atop high buildings, residents and opposition fighters said. At the same time, hundreds of rebel forces advanced to within 15 miles west of the capital and were rushing forward in pickup trucks and on foot.