Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1% depending on misdirection of #occupywallstreet

The occupy movement has the 1% baffled so far. They tried ignoring it. They tried ridiculing it. They tried intimidating it. So far, no success.

The best hope of the 1% is provocateurs, trolls, and careerists inside of the movement.

Provocateurs make sure there are plenty of pictures of vandalism for the corporate media. They may attack police and provide cover for the 1% to order a police attack.

Careerists will think of ways to direct people into actions that coincide with actions decided in the GA but which divert attention from the the main focus. They will split and weaken. They might push dead-end goals, such as constitutional amendments or such. They seek notoriety to further their careers.

Trolls seek to annoy and confuse. They make debate so unpleasant that people are turned away from engagement. We have given tips on how to identify trolls here.