Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is the Tea Party anti-business?

The article below is more evidence that the tea party is a creation of, by, and for the oil industry. Their job is to shore up the the failing "gays-guns-god-[and-racism]" coalition that has traditionally allowed the oil-auto-sprawl industry to keep its trolls in office. Public transit is a huge threat to oil, but most other businesses want more of it.
The price of tea party politics in Troy, Michigan: investors walking away « Blogging for Michigan: "Lots of talk these days from conservatives and tea partiers in particular about too much government spending. Rather than seeing government spending as the investment that it often is, they see nearly all government spending as waste to be eliminated. As I wrote yesterday, tea party mayor of Troy, Michigan, Janice Daniels, led a coalition of like-minded tea partiers to kill off a transit center project that was a decade in the making, kissing off $8.4 million in federal investment funds to help make the project happen."
If you want to help speed up the demise of oil-power, join the campaign for free public transit.