Monday, September 3, 2012

Democracy is over, but voting still matters

The corporate take-over of the U.S. is complete, and power, once gained, is never freely given back. Both parties are corporate-controlled parties. #Occupy is correct not to get involved. Even so, as individuals, continued participation by the 99% in elections is important.

First, many people still believe that elections can bring change. These people are our people, part of the 99%. We should treat them with respect and patience.

Second, there are splits in the 1%. Many corporations see that uniting with oil is no longer in their interest. Our push-back can exacerbate this split.

Our species is facing increased pain as oil ends and climate disruption increases. We must stay in the national conversation, no matter how unpleasant. If we withdraw from this front, and allow victory for those who openly advocate for more drilling and sprawl, what message does that send to the world?