Monday, October 29, 2012

A vote for the Gas & Oil Party is a signal that you don't care about the biosphere

Jack Gerard, Top Oil Lobbyist, Positioned To Be Key Player In A Romney Administration: "The oil industry is used to pulling the levers of power. For decades, the industry has fought off efforts to combat climate change, first by funding public relations campaigns denying it was happening at all and second by pumping money into the political system to block legislation. The Obama administration has sometimes disappointed environmentalists with its support of "clean" coal and natural gas and its failure to pass climate legislation when Democrats controlled Congress. But the Obama administration has given the fossil fuel industry even more conniptions, by imposing new regulations on emissions and other climate change measures, while giving new financial support to alternative fuels. The White House regularly attacks oil and gas tax breaks worth billions a year and has put new curbs on oil and gas development on federal lands."

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