Monday, December 3, 2012

The link between #peakoil and #climate

Peak oil is real. Cheap oil has peaked, and capitalism will change personnel as EROEI drops. As one group of capitalists gets weaker, another will rise. Economic and financial collapse will not stop capitalism, they only change which capitalists will preside over our suffering. They will get around economic collapse by increasing debt and starvation.

Unfortunately unbridled competition is the very essence of capitalism and not negotiable. This means as oil runs out, the rush to squeeze the last drops of profit will become more reckless and frenetic. Even nuclear war is not ruled out. Carbon will be pushed into the atmosphere at a faster and faster rate.

Think this won't happen? It has been happening. It continues to happen.

What can we do? Don't wait for the federal government. Make public transit fare-free in your town. This will curtail the draining of wealth. Fewer cars makes urban life more attractive. As people see that cars are completely unnecessary, the subsidy for autosprawl will be seen as a burden. The culture will change gradually against energy-wasting lifestyles.