Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The path that Congress will not discuss - transition to post-growth

Deficit Reduction = Recession: "The best way forward would be, yes, to continue deficit spending, with the Federal Reserve buying up most new Treasury debt and rebating the interest to the government (as it has been doing with its QE programs) . . . but—crucially—to shift that spending toward supporting a transition to a post-growth economy. Downsize the financial industry with re-regulation and a tax on financial transactions. Organize a massive debt jubilee. Provide incentives for the development of local cooperative enterprises geared toward import substitution. Create make-work programs building low-energy public transit, constructing renewable energy infrastructure, and insulating homes. Train a generation of young ecologically savvy farmers and provide them with the land and tools they’ll need to succeed."
Growth or Austerity - the only options the U.S. Congress is considering. We need to recognize that growth is over, cheap oil has peaked. Don't wait for the federal government. There are many things you can do right now. Buy local, cut back on meat, reduce or eliminate car-driving, stay out of debt... and many more. We especially need people to join local civic organizations and advocate for free public transit. This will allow more people to go car-free, and stop exporting money for fuel.