Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"We have a big problem" because policymakers have done little to prepare for #peakoil

Science Omega: "Do you think that sufficient measures are being taken by policymakers to plan for our transition to the second half of the age of oil?

[Kjell Aleklett] No. It is clear that in this respect, we have a big problem. It is very difficult for any politician to admit that something is wrong, and that we might need to do something about it. If they were to do this, another politician would come along and say, ‘There’s no problem; vote for me and we can carry on as we are’.

This is the democratic dilemma. Drastic action is necessary, but it is very difficult to achieve. Education will be crucial if we are to succeed in implementing the required measures. Alternatively, it might take a crisis to precipitate change."