Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Your city could jump ahead economically by making cars less necessary

What if your city were to implement free public transit. What could happen?

  • Immediate savings from lower traffic congestion
  • Parking enforcement could be abolished
  • Police and ambulance costs would drop
  • Labor market would be more fluid
  • Deliveries would be more efficient
  • Urban living would become more desirable
  • Less noise, cleaner air, more space
  • Less money exported for gasoline and cars
  • Walkable neighborhoods start to blossom
  • Street and bridge maintenance costs go down
  • Parking lots turn into parks
  • Medical costs of collisions would go down
  • People would walk more and be healthier
  • Many more good things

More people move in. The economy jumps. Other cities see it and want to copy. A race to the top ensues.

Simply stop welfare for cars by making buses free. Use the savings for more buses, better schools, and healthcare.