Thursday, March 27, 2014

The biggest threat to business is capitalism

Most people think of business and providing a product or service that people need while providing jobs and of course happily paying taxes to prepare the next generation of workers to be healthy, educated, and mobile.

Reality is much different. Businesses are quickly absorbed into chains, loaded with debt, or liquidated. Entrepreneurs often find themselves in a situation of can't-sell/can't-make-money.

Banks are roaming the globe like old-west train robbers, looking for suckers to enslave with debt. Instead of horseback, they ride on free trade agreements, and when they need guns, their politicians oblige.

They privatize public services. No more public support for a healthy, educated, mobile work force. That's someone else's problem.

You can do something. Localize. Stop sending money out of town. Reduce the use of cars. Appealing to national governments is a waste of time.