Thursday, May 1, 2014

Video: Passenger severely beaten for not paying a fare

Movimento Passe Livre ABC: "The fare is a robbery, assault, extortion in the life of the population.

In Santo André CPTM security along with the military police beat a young man who didn't pay the value of 3.00 to board the train. It is possible that the young man has died, simply for not agreeing to the violence that is the fare of collective transport.
The State and its agents fascists, as PM, and private security guards are capable of taking lives in defense of private capital; in defense of a butchering and violent fare every day the population is poor and excluded from circular, to come and go, work, study, hang out, go to the hospital, to the Park, to find, simply because I don't have $ 6.00 (9, 12, 18 real ...) to pay every time you leave the House.

Repudiate the violent action of the PM and the security of the CPTM.
We reject the violence of everyday fare."