Sunday, August 17, 2014

Subways, high-rises, bike highways, wrong direction for cities

The auto system is surviving on debt and is slowly collapsing. But what is the solution? Make cities car-free ASAP with free buses. This will free up plenty of space for living, walking, and biking. Do not build more oil-dependent stainless steel/concrete infrastructure.  

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Miles Bader said...

I'm all for getting rid of cars (though in practice "highly discourage car use" is probably more likely to happen), but that doesn't magically remove the need for infrastructure.

The crucial thing is that you need multiple of transportation (even if one of those types isn't cars), becayse no one type can satisfy every need. In anything but the smallest towns, you'll need high-speed transit to cover larger distances (subways, rail), low-speed local transport for "the last mile" and shopping, etc (walking, bikes), and probably medium-speed transit to fill in gaps (buses, streetcars).

To really do this properly, you need grade-separation at least for the high-speed transit, and probably need to do something to disentangle low- and medium-speed uses at choke-points (and there will be choke points, because one of important parts of a good transit system is a series of well-connected hubs).

Still, getting rid of a the current chokehold auto-traffic has on public space is a great first step...