Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Biosphere supports economy which determines morality

What comes first, the biosphere or human economics. If you got that wrong, you can stop reading now. What about morality? We humans invent gods and place them above all creation. Without economics, i.e. food, water, shelter, etc., all the talk about superior beings doesn't mean much.

At this time as our species is nearing a major contraction, all the three are under threat. We are collapsing on all fronts.

We should bring the three areas into alignment. Find a path that satisfies people's desire for a better environment, better life, and spiritual bliss.

The auto and sprawl are the enemy in every case. They promote wasteful, selfish living. What power can bring them down? We say this: make urban buses fare-free, move to town, educate all children. As a result, birth rate will drop. Walking and bicycles will gradually replace most of the buses. Selfishness will be exposed as harmful and useless.