Saturday, January 31, 2015

Car culture hurts the poor, unemployed, disabled, young, and elderly. Anyone care?

Reporter-Times: "For the working poor, one of the hardest things about their jobs can be getting there.
Owning a reliable car can be expensive, and having limited public transportation options in Martinsville and the rest of the county means the area’s most vulnerable sector of the labor force often has to improvise to get to work on time.
Steve Gerber, the director for Coordinator Aging Services for Morgan County, said people often walk or turn to friends or relatives to hitch a ride.
“A lot of people in Morgan County are very resourceful,” Gerber said. “If they can get a job close enough, they will get a bicycle.”
Regardless, he said, the daunting task of always searching for a way to work and back, coupled with variables such as inclement weather and the availability of sidewalks, takes its toll."