Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nothing says #degrowth like a falling birth rate

There is plenty of compelling evidence that we humans are destroying the only home we have. Even if we were to end fossil fuels completely, we would bring our oceans to a boil in just 400 years if we continue growing at the current rate.

Population will be reduced one way or another. We have a chance to make it painless if we want.

Education and urbanization causes birth rate to fall. When people move to the city, they realize that education is more important than plowing skills and extra farm hands. By making cities car-free, we could make them much safer, roomier, and more pleasant and thus more attractive.

Imagine a city with no cars--plenty of room for parks, bicycles, and permaculture.

First, we need to break the critical mass of the private auto as a method of moving people. This system is unsustainable and heavily subsidized. The good news is, we can do this at the local level. Simply get involved in supporting your local bus system. The quickest way to grow it is to make it fare-free.

Once the private auto becomes a niche player, it will lose its subsidies. Society will gradually evolve back to more sensible ways of locating and moving people.