Friday, December 4, 2015

Why cooler heads are not prevailing

More bombing ... for what?

There are several problems. Financial debt. Infrastructure. Ecological debt.

Ecological debt is what the common people are worried about. Humans have over-used the biosphere and are in grave danger. Seems obvious that to address this would be first. But all we get are charades like COP21.

Financial debt. This is a problem for the elites. We can erase with a keystroke and not miss it.

Infrastructure. Here is the real reason we get nothing but bombing. The world economic system is dependent on liquid fuel and becoming more so. Meanwhile that fuel is costing more energy. But the infrastructure is so massive: tankers, refineries, suburbs, pipelines, highways, and such, that undoing it is a major task. No group of elites is willing to risk losing power by engaging this task.