Tuesday, February 23, 2016

US and Russia humiliated and helpless in MENA

The superpowers want to get their hands on the low-net-energy oil in Kirkuk, Iraq. Only problem, the Islamic State is in the way.

No one on the ground wants to fight the Islamic State. The only people willing are thugs and murderers. There are plenty of people willing to fight the Syria dictatorship. But, alas, if it falls, most of the power vacuum will be filled by the Islamic State.

Bombing isn't working and won't work. Armed militants move around too much. So they bomb civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Between the bombing of civilians and hiring of thugs, the US and Russia are pushing people into the arms of the Islamic State.

US and Russia will not get the Kirkuk oil. They will fail by their own policies.

After ten more years of war, probably China will come in with one man and briefcase and get it.

There is another way, however.