Friday, March 25, 2016

False flag ops losing their punch

Many so-called terrorist attacks are actually false-flag ops -- security forces in a country staging or faking an attack against its own country to create an excuse to attack someone else. This trick has been used throughout history and is well known to military experts.

The west has been using these a lot lately against Muslims in MENA, to provide an excuse to bomb them and steal oil.

Theses ops are not working like they used to. The wide exposure of the lies of the 9-11 attacks have made people skeptical. But more importantly, the Islamic State is now a real, organized opposition fighting for Sunni Muslims.

The IS doesn't bother to get involved in proving which attacks are organized by western security agencies. To them its a waste of time. They know that the west is just hurting themselves and reducing their own very low credibility.

By not taking the bait, they are making these ops moot. And people are reacting by focusing on the real problem -- the real terror -- massacre of civilians by big powers trying to steal oil.