Monday, November 28, 2016

Free Corporate Transit - Private means unequal

Why companies are going the extra mile to beat congestion - JLL Real Views: "Corporate buses taking employees to the office may not be a new idea but they are a popular one, especially between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. When Google launched its shuttle service for its Bay Area employees back in 2004, it served about 150 employees at the time. Today, Alphabet – Google’s parent company – operates a fleet of more than a hundred biodiesel buses and estimates that more than half the company’s 11,000 Bay Area employees use the service on a daily basis. Amazon recently joined the club with its Amazon Ride service shuttling employees to its two Seattle office locations."
Large companies in the US know very well the benefits of economies of scale. They have their own health centers and bus fleets. Is this what you want for the future? Just look at India.