Saturday, December 24, 2016

Anything but free transit - avoiding the low-hanging fruit - #dfdg #abft

Cars are killing us. The obvious solution is to make buses fare-free and gradually get rid of cars and the sprawl, noise, pollution, collisions, oil-wars, carbon emissions, congestion, parking-wars, and other pain that comes with them.

Autos and their sprawl are heavily subsidized through taxes, deferred costs, and ignored environmental damage. Sprawl builders, oil companies, DIY chains, auto industry, and many more are profiting from this subsidy.

With free transit, cities would become more attractive and more people would adopt urban living. This causes birth rates to drop.

End of sprawl and falling birth rates can save the biosphere, but directly and immediately challenge the profiteers.

So, to distract people there are campaigns for mitigation of the auto, but with programs that do not threaten its existence.