Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Clean coal exposed as fraud, now we have clean cars

Soup-to-Nuts Review Finds CA Clean Cars Program Working | NRDC: "The California Air Resources Board (ARB) released a soup-to-nuts review of its Advanced Clean Car (ACC) program today. The 658-page report confirms that the popular program, which establishes smog-forming and carbon pollution limits for new cars and trucks, can be met on time, with known technologies, and at reasonable cost. Agency-experts recommend that the Board stay the course on the standards, pointing to a large body of evidence showing the auto industry is already exceeding standards and are on-track to meet 2025 targets.  "
It doesn't matter if cars burn water and exhaust perfume -- they are still wasteful consumer products that promote sprawl and growth. More cars means more buildings and homes spread out. Each one individually heated and cooled. Each with its own leaf blower, snow blower, riding mower, electronic entertainment center, web-connected refrigerator, hedge clipper, power tool set, ladder, ping pong table, etc. This is why the oceans are full of junk, rare earths running out, species going extinct, wetlands filled, etc.

The private auto enables the end of the biosphere. Why are so-called environmentalists trying to improve it and make it more effective for its task?