Monday, June 5, 2017

KSA on thin ice

The Islamic State has thwarted the best laid plans of oil barons and bankers around the world. It was inevitable that a crash would come between the massive debt and the falling net energy. But there was one patch of easy oil left and the bankers thought they had another 20 years to go.

That oil is under Kirkuk Iraq. But the IS stands in the way.

The only way they can get them out of the way is to massacre Sunni Muslims. But to do this they need the cover of the Muslim puppet leaders.

The KSA is the biggest and weakest of these puppets. Its power has three legs. Oil, US, and Islam. The oil is running out, the US is overstretched around the world, and the Islamic State is exposing them as false leaders of Islam.

As the ice disappears from the arctic, it is also cracking under the king.