Friday, April 27, 2018

Why war in Syria is about oil and Islam

There is one large reserve of conventional oil left in the ground. It's under Kirkuk in Iraq.
Whoever controls this oil has great power over the world economy.

The US desperately wants and needs that control. Bombing and puppet governments have not worked. Why? Because Islam.

Islam is incompatible with corporate capitalism because it prohibits charging interest on debt, and also prohibits oppression and poverty.

So who does that leave for US to use for boots on the ground. Here's what they tried.
  • US troops
  • Bribed Islamic tribal leaders
  • KRG nationalists
  • PKK terrorists
  • Iran-backed militias
  • VSO mercenaries
  • you can probably add more
All these have failed.

Because of these failures, the US needs the Syria regime for stability. This has put them in a very weak position against Russia and Iran.