Saturday, May 5, 2018

Don't let your enemy choose your leaders

Kingdoms that provide an outlet for their opponents last longer. This one of the major lessons reserved for the crown prince and selected scholars.

Capitalism provides us with "opposition" leaders that they control. On this blog, we try to expose them and their tricks.

One sign of a fake radical is the use of the word "white" as in "white privilege, white supremacy," etc.
This reinforces the idea of race. First, it implies that there is such a thing as race. [There is no such thing.] Second, it implies that people believe things because of their color [race]. Third, it pushes poor white people to the right.

By allowing this wording, we set ourselves up to be fooled. It also is a capitulation to oppression, by implying that if the oppressor were a different color, all would be well. Racism is a strong tool of capitalist oppression. Fake radicals are trying to keep it strong by using word trickery.