Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Missing from discussion of Syria pullout

To understand the human condition today, start with energy. If you do not think energy is the top of the chain, then turn off all your electricity for a week.

Energy runs economics (how we feed and shelter ourselves) and whoever controls energy has great power.

The governments of the world, in service of the top capitalists, are trying to get access to the huge reserve of easy-to-drill oil under Kirkuk, Iraq. But ISIS has made this difficult.

The US needs boots on the ground. It used KRG, that failed. They dumped it and used Iran-controlled Iraq government, that backfired. They were forced to use the Syria regime for "stability." During this time they cultivated the PKK. They pumped up nationalism to try to get Kurdish people to support them. This has failed as well.

Now, the US has to regroup. So they are withdrawing from Syria. This will fail also.

What's missing from the discussion? The developed world, the US especially, has an oil problem. There is so much concrete and steel infrastructure that cannot be converted. Many tens of trillions of dollars in debt have been bet on this system. What is their solution? To build more, and to fight more wars.