Friday, January 11, 2019

Idea of #freetransit coming under attack

They were able to ignore it for a long time, but now freetransit is catching on and we are seeing more attacks.

First a list of failed attacks that have been mostly abandoned.

1. "nothing is free." this came from libertarians who should be marching against car subsidy.
2. "homeless will ride" this is too heartless for public consumption.
3. "homeless will ride" this is also code for non-whites. This racism is too obvious.
4. "people will stop walking/biking" asserted with no evidence. We have contrary data.

Latest attack:

"you can't get to work on time"
Free transit doesn't "solve" the problem of cars, it begins the solution. The argument admits that cars have a monopoly and the whole system is dependent on them. This means that a private profit system (cars, oil, sprawl builders) are subsidized, but the subsidy looks like "necessity." So the more you have cars, the more you have to have cars. How far do we want to go with this?