Sunday, October 20, 2019

People on Tumbler talking about fare-free #publictransit

If it is paid for by the public, then the public should not be forced to pay for it twice.
Free public transportation opens up the world to the poor. It absolutely stimulates the economy in that poor people then have the ability to travel without worrying about whether or not they can afford it, however we should not base our policies in the richest nation on earth on whether or not it stimulates the economy.
The United States of America has more than enough money to provide free and safe public transportation to all who seek to use it, they do not provide it because they’re in cahoots with oil and auto industries.
Forcing people to pay for what already belongs to the public is a form of government welfare given to the rich capitalists at the public’s expense.
You are paying for billionaires to continue hoarding billions when you pay for, and support paying for, public transportation.
Furthermore public transportation is incomplete if we don’t strive to make it accessible to all, this includes the disabled, the elderly, children, etc.
French city of Dunkirk tests out free transport – and it works