Thursday, November 14, 2019

Trolls posing as bicycle advocates -- how to recognize

The oil, auto, and sprawl industries recognize that social media is important. On Twitter they have many paid trolls and volunteer wannabe trolls.

We have taken the wind out of the sails of the simple ones who post things like "who will pay?" by simply showing how oil, autos, and sprawl are heavily subsidized.

But they have clever trolls who pose as bicycle advocates. Here are some characteristics.

  • anti car-owner - they exacerbate division between car owners and bike/ped
  • accounting framing - they try to put public transit funding into an accounting box
  • eclectic timeline - their timeline is a mishmash of unrelated eye-catchers
  • LGBT provocation - they promote division over such matters
  • anything but free transit - they promote everything except fare-free as a solution
  • sea-lioning/non-sequitur/logical fallacy - standard troll practice

We recommend giving them one response, and then mute.