Sunday, December 15, 2019

How to move people - reform or revolution?

Regarding moving people, what is the most critical need? Not cheap oil, not lithium, no. The most critical need in moving people, is activist energy.

Many high-profile people are calling for "fix it first." They say we cannot have fare-free public transit until we have good public transit.

When we limit ourselves to trying to improve something big, like the system that moves people, we are subject to endless division and delay over who gets what and when. What bus line will be expanded, where will light rail go? We have seen these things divide communities and bring fixes to a snail pace.

We need a revolution in thinking about how we move people. We need a mass campaign for free public transit. People will vote with their seat, and it will become obvious where more service is needed.

Let's not waste our activist energy on trimming around the edges.