Saturday, October 24, 2009

350 Reasons to oppose Carbon Trading

•Carbon trading puts corporate profits above stabilizing the climate• Carbon trading was initially created to make emissions reductions more affordable for corporations and other big polluters. With over 1 million species’ (including humans’) futures in question, does it not seem a bit perverse to even have corporate profitability as part of the equation for solving climate change? We need solutions that first and foremost address the climate crisis, not making it easy on those responsible for it. Read more at 350Reasons or read PDF now.


Lorraine said...

I can understand being opposed to carbon trading when carbon tax is also on the menu, but is it also preferable to no change in policy?

fpteditors said...

Carbon trading leaves open too much room for cheating. Carbon tax is better, but after it got through Congress, you wouldn't recognize it. Free public transit is simple, understandable, and addresses all the problems directly. Time is short, we cannot afford false solutions. So, yes, we will fight for the right solution and not give in to the threat of "take this or get nothing."