Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Externalities - costs not counted.... yet

The automobile and sprawl generate profits for the carbon-auto industry. But there are costs that are not being counted. These costs are "externalized" from the profit calculation, passed on to taxpayers and the future.

Some people ask "who will pay for free public transit?"... they should ask who will pay for the floods, whirlwinds, and drought to come from the free carbon dumping?

The ice is melting, yes, in winter. -- from the CalgaryHerald:

...Giant fractures have been cracking open the ice in the Beaufort Sea in recent weeks, creating extraordinary stretches of open water and giving researchers from around the world a first-hand look at the Arctic meltdown. "It's shocking to see," says David Barber, a climate specialist at the University of Manitoba...

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