Saturday, February 2, 2008

S.F. Sees shadow of carbon-auto Lobby, kills FPT

Surely few people thought that free public transit would be adopted easily. The carbon-auto lobby has the power to direct the U.S. government to illegally invade and occupy a country. It can surely stop a mayor. So when the mayor of San Francisco ordered a study of free transit, a quick cost/cost analysis was done that "discovered" that more riders would mean more costs.(!) (SFGate) So now the carbon-auto industry may safely continue pouring carbon into the air for free in San Francisco.

The study "result" gave the mayor cover to kill implementation. Don't blame him. No one person, mayor, governor, or president, can stand up to the carbon-auto lobby. We need to get involved. This means you. Take action. Join your local bus riders union. If you like this free public transit blog or the website, then spread the links around by email and blog comments.